I've worked with TPS many times over the years. They're a supplier of industrial heating equipment and home thermostats and a company originally setup by my father in 1992 as Thermpak Systems. So I've handled nearly every single one of their rebrands - with the first coming at the tender age of 16 - up to their most recent designs.

Old Thermpak Logos One of the first logos I made, for Thermpak's old structure

As mentioned TPS was originally branded as a single company, but with the launch of their Thermal Controls off-shoot, they wanted to create separate identities, as both target very different markets; Heat Exchangers direct to industrial engineers, Thermal Controls to builders of houses and hotels, and to individuals. The company picked their brand names, and came to me for new logos.

At the time I was obsessed with the information design on the Washington DC Metro and wanted to attempt something inspired by the utterly clinical simplicity of that work.

DC Metro Map Inspiration: WMATA's map of the DC Metro

The TPS Heat Exchangers logo has the most DNA of that effort, representing the idea of hot and cold pipes exchanging with each other using as few colours as possible.

Current TPS Heat Exchangers Logo Current TPS Heat Exchangers logo

For TPS Thermal Controls there was another consideration - the logo would be used in all the usual places like websites and brochures, but it would also be printed onto every single thermostat that the company sold. So I wanted something with the same simplicity but that would also reduce well in size, to maybe a couple of centimeters in height on a physical device, and stand out from across a room.

Current TPS Thermal Controls logo Current TPS Thermal Controls logo

Both logos also attempt to tie-in with each other slightly, with a repeated 'pipe' idea.

Most recently, I revisited the work, and simply tweaked the accompanying wordmarks, while also tidying up the lockup between them and their respective logos.

Before and After TPS Thermal Controls logo before and after 2012 redesign

On the web side, I've helped Heat Exchangers maintain a presence since 2000 (originally via the Thermpak brand), with redesigns in 2008, and 2012. Thermal Controls was launched in 2008 and then in 2012 was redesigned with addition of a simple PayPal-driven online store, allowing homeowners to buy thermostats directly online.

TPS website designs in use between 2008-2012 TPS website designs in use between 2008-2012

The TPS Heat Exchangers website design in use since 2012. The TPS Heat Exchangers website design in use since 2012

Current TPS Thermal Controls website design in use since 2012. Current TPS Thermal Controls website design in use since 2012.