The Hudson

The Hudson was a bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland that is particularly proud of it's craft beer selection and that had a really well engaged customer base (they have since been taken over by very different management). My work for them involved two pieces - a unique website for the bar that conveyed their ethos, and an attempt to create a really vibrant community on the site.

The Hudson on desktop The Hudson on desktop

The main site included some interesting ideas like an interactive beer list - providing some history and extra info on each brewery. Alongside this was a fully custom built forum, an upgrade of a previous barebones discussion board that I'd built for them in the past. Both sites were built together using Django, SASS, Bourbon, and Underscore.js.

The Hudson on mobile The Hudson on mobile

The site also needed to be built around responsive-design; I love sites that have no fuss about mobile "versions", and all the associated redirects, different login systems, and user disappointment (something that was really uncommon at the time, which is gradually becoming more pervasive).

The Hudson website and forum offered a completely hassle-free cross-device experience: no matter which type of browser you open it on, it'd work with no fuss, and you'd have the full range of options available everywhere.

The Hudson on tablets The Hudson on tablets