RocksDB Family

  • Client Facebook
  • Work Branding
  • Year 2016
  • Link

RocksDB is a database related project open-sourced by Facebook - described as 'an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage'. While I created the Open Source Design language for Android and iOS projects, I wanted to do something different for projects that worked for different platforms.

I divided the open source projects into 'families' of logos, so that they would quickly show developers projects related to each other. In this case RocksDB already had a logo when I was asked to create some for the connected projects called MyRocks (related to MySQL) and MongoRocks (related to MongoDB).

Previously created RocksDB logo Previously created RocksDB logo

I took the basics from RocksDB and then mixed in some inspiration from the MySQL and MongoDB logos, created a solid visual connection while retaining a distinct identity for each project.

MyRocks and MongoRocks logos MyRocks and MongoRocks logos