Plynk Homepage

  • Client Plynk
  • Work Web Development, Responsive Web Development
  • Year 2017
  • Link

Plynk is an Irish-founded social payments app that aims to be fun, fast, and free. It has a youthful target audience as a brand, but is accessible to people from any age group.

Plynk came to me for a redesign of their homepage, probably the most important part of a website for an app, and they had clear ideas in mind of what kind of style they wanted: clean, minimal, and fun.

The design of the site I created integrated some vibrant colours and animations with a really clean layout and small amount of overall content. Three stylised animations reveal the key features of the app, and there are subtle parallax and reveal animations as you scroll down the page.

As is the case for most of the web projects I work on, Responsive Design was a core component, and the page scales very well to handle the different screen sizes of devices that might view it. The animations and video loops were kept short for data efficiency, and some simple JavaScript pauses and unloads any videos that are no longer in the viewport to minimise CPU/memory usage.

The page itself was composed entirely of HTML5, CSS and vanilla JavaScript, using RequireJS to package all the different custom functions together for the browser.

Plynk website on iPhone