• Client Facebook
  • Work Responsive Web Development, Branding, Technical Writing, Project Management
  • Year 2016
  • Link is an open-sourced tutorial site that follows the process of building the official F8 2016 conference app, which itself was also open-sourced.

I was responsible for this entire project - I planned the tutorial structure, I worked alongside the app's developer to interview and consult with him for the tutorial content, and I designed and created the tutorial website. being launched on-stage during the F8 2016 keynote

The app itself was built by a Facebook engineer, using a combination of React Native, Parse, Redux, Flow, Jest, Relay, and GraphQL. I was familiar with only Flow before writing the tutorials, so I had to learn the basics of all the rest while I was doing it, essentially the tutorials are how I taught myself (as a complete beginner) to understand the core parts of each of those technologies. on a tablet browser

A few months after launch, I ran a survey of people who had completed the tutorials, and found they had increased adoption for all featured projects.

Some of the user survey results