Hack and HHVM Docs

  • Client Facebook
  • Work Responsive Web Development, Technical Writing
  • Year 2016
  • Link docs.hhvm.com/

In late 2015, my team at Facebook took on a project to completely re-write the documentation for the HHVM and Hack projects. HHVM is an open-sourced virtual machine which all of Facebook's web stack runs on, and Hack is Facebook's open-sourced offshoot of PHP which is built into HHVM.

As a 'bootcamped' Facebook engineer for over 3 years, I had plenty of experience writing Hack code, so I was tasked with helping plan and write some of the documentation. In addition, I was solely responsible for creating the design of the entire site, which as a docs site had some unique quirks.

Mockups for the responsive design of the documentation homepage

For my part in writing docs, I created a full set of Overview docs that would introduce the complex components of the Hack language to people who were new to both Hack, and even to PHP.

The finished documentation site on desktop and tablet browsers