• Client Facebook
  • Work Responsive Web Development, Project Management
  • Year 2014
  • Link

As part of my role in Facebook's Open Source team, I built out both Engineering news and project listing site,, working on both the back and front-end.

Mockups for 2015 redesign

This was a challenging project, because it involved creating a responsively designed site within the confines of the general Facebook brand and interface guidelines - you'll notice that Facebook doesn't use responsive design as they have distinct mobile and desktop sites. on mobile

The site was developed in Facebook's open source Hack language, using other open-sourced Facebook technologies such as XHP and React. on desktop

I also project managed the site and its development for its team of editors, using analytics and A/B testing to compare the performance of different layouts and different functionality. When I came onboard, the site already had fantastic traffic, but very little engagement - people were clicking through to individual stories, but not coming back unless prompted. My work over a couple of years helped to change this, and create the site's own engaged audience.

Evolution of homepage from previous version through my initial mockups, to current homepage