Platform API Documentation

Two years after starting at Facebook, I was working on the Developer Advocacy team, helping to improve the state of Facebook's Platform including all of its API documentation. At that point, barely anyone knew what was needed for this kind of documentation, including both myself and all of the developers that were reading the guides. They weren't in a particularly great state, were out of date, confusing, and in some cases just wrong.

So starting in 2013, together with the rest of the team and some help from Developer Experience, we set about painstakingly rewriting the documentation for the entire Platform offering from scratch. I took on the task of specifically focusing on the Graph API and Facebook Login products, which were arguably in the worst condition of all considering their importance to the Platform.

At F8 2014, we launched our brand new documentation alongside Graph API 2.0, which promised stability and predictability, and having well-written technical documentation was absolutely vital.

If you want to read some of my work, you can check out the Graph API Quickstart as well as the more advanced tutorial, and the guide to Platform Versions.